Recharging the Human Batteries

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Sometimes in the stressful day to day operations of running a normal life you just have to unplug and take some vacation.  There are numerous studies that show the physical and mental benefits of taking vacations and resting or doing something relaxing can help keep you sane as well as recharge your emotional and mental batteries so you can come back more focused and able to take on work again.

I am one of those people who finds it very hard to initially break away for a vacation, I spend all my time stressing about all the things I need to do before I leave and then dreading the amount of work that I will have when I return.

I kid you not when I say I will have an average of 150-200 plus work emails in my Inbox daily from my day job, and another 70-100 per day I have to at least glance over from my blogging activities.   This is average about 300 emails per day that I have to at least glance and speed read, I probably respond to about 20% of them which is about 60 out of 300.

So for me, a 5 day long vacation equals 1500 emails to sort through and 300 that I will have to respond to when I return.  This takes me an average of 5-8 hours just playing catch up on emails alone when I return from a vacation.  This on top of the social media communications, blog comments, and all my advertising information and such means I have a good 12 hours to be fully caught up.

So you see this makes it hard for me to enjoy getting away at first because I just stress about what I have to do when I return from vacation.  The ironic thing is once I am about 1-2 days into a vacation is when I really settle in and start to unplug and just live in the moment.  I take in whatever rest there is to take in, or enjoy the surroundings.  For this current vacation I am staying at a cabin in Northern Arizona and taking our Tracker boat up to the lake to fish and go bug hunting and lizard hunting with the kids.  Board games and good old fashioned Smores will make for a good family vacation.  Ironically I did bring my iPad as a means to entertain the kids on a long car ride and have some degree of tech to read and/or listen to while I am in the cabin but I don’t think there will be Wi-Fi.

I do ultimately enjoy and come back feeling better, but it is hard to just find time to get away sometimes.

-Justin Germino

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