Personal Thoughts on Father’s Day 2011

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Hard to believe that this is my 8th Father’s day as a father and I am a father to two boys ages 7 and 4 right now.  Time goes so fast and already my oldest is approaching 3rd grade in August.  I can remember moments when they were both infants and various activities but the memories are not as strong as they once were and I don’t think of them as babies anymore but as little men or mini me’s.

On Father’s day today we will be taking the family out to Chili’s with my Father in Law and all go see Green Lantern which me and the boys really want to see.  Movies are big time in our family and we always go to the theater to enjoy movies on the big screen together.

Part of my favorite thing about Father’s day is that my boys will put their heart into creating a hand made picture or card and the way they light up when I read it and smile.  The genuine love and affection that is nearly unconditional that kids have for their parents is truly one of the most remarkable things in this world.

My boys mean everything to me and I can only hope I do them right and raise them to be the best people they are capable of being.  I want them to enjoy life, be good, modest, humble and above all appreciate the small things when they can.

I can’t help but feel like an old man sometimes when I see how different my kids have it from when I was a child.  I mean my seven year old now only wants an iPad for Christmas and so does my Four year old.  They are busy cultivating their Zoo’s in Tap Zoo and Tiny Zoo on my iPad but want their own so they don’t have to keep asking me to use mine all day long.  Personally I have more of their games installed on my iPad than my own now.

I find it humorous when my oldest looks at games I used to play and say that was back when they had "cheapy graphics" or when my youngest says the greatest things like "I am going to marry momma". 

My kids are both big into throwing out movie quotes, so my youngest is always spewing lines from Tangled lately (watched it 6 times on our camping trip) and things like "Go, Live your Dreams" or "Knee’s, apart… Knee’s Apart" are always echoing from him saying "Dad, what’s this from".

Being a father is probably the best gifts in this life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

-Justin Germino

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