Showlow Cabin Vacation Day 1

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Staying at the vacation last week in Showlow which is a town in Northern Arizona gave the family a chance to escape the 105 – 110 degree heat and take refuge in the 85 degree forest climate where the altitude is about 6000+ feet.

On the first day at arriving at the cabin which was a super spacious 2200+ square feet and bigger than most houses I stayed at we were awed at just how much room this cabin had.  This really isn’t roughing it, as the cabin had laundry machines, microwave, TV, 4 bedrooms and everything you could possibly need except Wi-Fi or Internet Access of any kind.

On the first day of arrival we unpacked our gear and got our bearings, it was about a 5 hour drive up from Casa Grande to Showlow but we did stop for lunch at Denny’s before finally arriving at our destination.

Ironically I forgot to take pics of the inside of the cabin with my camera, but it was quite spacious and amazing.

Meanwhile, the cabin sits on horse property and the owner has several horses and Llama’s.  One Llama is always free to roam around on the property and his name is Otis the Llama, though you really can’t pet him or walk up to him.  In fact Otis always looks like he wants to either kick you or spit on you when you get too close and he even stands up and starts to walk toward in what appears to be an aggressive manner.  The kids loved throwing him carrots though and as long as you stayed about 10 away from him he didn’t mind.  Now, he may have been friendlier, I just didn’t trust him getting closer so would pull my family away when I saw him start to walk briskly toward us.  I have seen those YouTube video’s of deers and stuff kicking people so I didn’t want a Llama YouTube incident.



There is my wife getting as close as she can get to Otis

During a walk in the afternoon we were greeted by a snake that measured nearly 4′ in length.  It wasn’t a venomous snake by the look of it, no rattle and head was shaped like a non-venomous snake.  I took some pictures of it and ran comparisons on Snakes of Arizona and it appears to be a Glossy snake from what I can tell. 



So it was a fun day to say the least and we didn’t even get to start fishing yet!

-Justin Germino

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