The Turning Point Approaches

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In just a few days I will have officially moved to California and my place in Arizona will only be a place I visit until I can sell it.  This has been a dream of the family that has been over 6 years in the making when we first started talking about moving to Southern California in 2009 as a long term goal and finally has come to fruition in 2015.

Though there will still be a lot of loose ends to tie up and deal with, the kids will be enrolled in their new schools early next week and the deal will be sealed.  I don’t find myself missing much about Arizona but I will miss some things like my best friend here as well as my son’s Kenpo instructor who has done such a positive thing influencing and inspiring Oliver to work hard in Kenpo toward his goals.

Other than that, there is a vibe in SoCal that just fits our family so well and every time we visit it is like there is a calling to be there permanently, part of this comes from the love of the beach and the rest has to do with the eclectic and laid back lifestyle of SoCal which is very different from the Northern California scene from my experience visiting San Francisco a few times.

So here is to the beginning of our relocation in 2015, and the start of a new life in a new state.  I have only jumped and relocated to a new state one time previously when I was 18 and jumped from NY to Arizona, this is my 2nd time moving to a new state and my wife’s first.  The desert shall not be home to the family any longer.

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