Reflections of a Year

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Why not try to do the hindsight is 20/20 thing and look at 2014 and all that it held, the good, the bad and the things I could have and should have done better.  This is a good time as any to pick what was good, and discard the mistakes as lessons to be learned.

2015 is going to be a year of new beginnings as my family is preparing to relocate to California from Arizona where I have lived the past 19 years and my wife has lived the past 33 years.  It comes with us having to make an adjustment and live in a place that is 1/2 the size of our AZ home since we chose to have a paradise of a location instead of size of residence.  Location and being close to the beach has always been something that I have missed, and my wife has always wanted since she was little.

2015 also comes with a new focus on adapting to this new life as well as adjusting to the financial differences of living in a state and region that is far more expensive than Arizona, but this is somewhat softened a bit by other factors.  It also comes as a change for my kids who have to change schools and go to a completely new and foreign scenario, most of their friends only interact with them on Skype and over the Internet so the change in location doesn’t cause a loss of friends in this day and age the same way as it does when I was young.

I leave a year behind of pain and suffering, with my wife having some devastating health problems and multiple hospitalizations as well as the loss of her father who died just before Christmas but not before she had to accommodate finding him a nursing facility and moving her mother in with us.  This was a year of tolerance and patience as we adapted to various events around us.  Ironically this tested me on multiple fronts, as a provider and as a husband and as a father and left me realizing that in times of great stress I can lose patience too quickly, become frustrated when I am the last thread the family has to hang onto sometimes.

Farewell 2014, and welcome 2015 and for certain this family could use some better times ahead.


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