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So is now rebranded a bit to reflect that I am now relocated to Southern California and more specifically the city of Encinitas. This essentially makes me a SoCal blogger now, and as my personal site had me advertising myself as an Arizona blogger and I would often get invited to media events and other related functions about Arizona, I have to update to reflect my new location and lack of focus here.

I started with a temporary update to the header banner, title of the site and changing some colors to reflect the sea, sky and beach a little more, not sure if I will completely rebrand the theme or not, but I intend to make more posts about the local area as I learn new things about the new city I am now living in full time and sharing my experiences with life in SoCal and especially in contrast to how life or things were in Arizona.

This is my personal blog about life and reflections, my most common category is simply Personal Insights and this is a blog where anything I write that doesn’t seem to fit on DragonBlogger falls into this blog which also has a demographic reach outside of just the tech, gaming industry. This is where a lot of my blogging, food and other articles sometimes find as a home.

After the move is completed and the kids are enrolled in a new school, things settle down at work a bit I am hoping to have more frequent updates and bring people an insight into the New Life! I had been living in Arizona for the past 19 years and living so close to the beach is a whole new experience.

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