Turning a Blog Into a Business

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In the past six months I have spent more time trying to turn Dragonblogger.com into an enterprise rather than a single blog run by myself. My goal of turning this technology blog into an online magazine that showcased gadget reviews, gaming, entertainment, online news as well as blogging , SEO and WordPress tips was never going to expand as much as I wanted it to if I was the sole content contributor for the site.

In deciding to turn DragonBlogger.com into an enterprise I knew right away that I didn’t a simple barrage of random guest bloggers who would come and go after one post without establishing any real “connection” as an author for the site with users so I decided to make some calls out and put together a team of people known as @Dragonbloggers who put as much time into writing for and helping become a part of this growing operation.

This team has become as much a part of Dragonblogger.com and has helped come up with some fantastic idea’s for the site from everything from technical improvements to expansion and monetization idea’s. We brainstorm regularly on Facebook in a private Dragonbloggers group and often this type of live and open communication really helps create a kind of infectious energy as we come up with a new idea or just put up something new and exciting.

We also have come to bring in specialization with our site staff where certain team members focus and specializing on writing articles in a certain topic or category to help readers become more accustomed to seeing the authors for each topic.

The @dragonbloggers Twitter account was setup to showcase our staff as well where they could interact with and help readers with questions or even take article tips. As dragonblogger.com focuses on reviews we take idea’s on what readers want reviewed? Have a game you want reviewed for the PS3, a Movie or even a WordPress plugin tested and reviewed? We can do all of this and so much more.

In fact we are already establishing relationships with business and technology partners and these partnerships will allow us to expand and provide even more valuable articles for our readers as we can actually test and write more reviews on products we test hands on in our labs rather than write about gadgets and what features they have without being able to give hands on testing feedback.

With over 52,000 unique visits, 70k+ pageviews in June 2011 alone make no mistake, Dragonblogger.com is becoming an enterprise and I am very glad I brought in a team of people I can trust with helping me grow that enterprise. I have always seen the value of companies building a blog around their company, but this is my first experience with starting a blog and building a full fledged business around what originally was only a casual tech blog.

-Justin Germino

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