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I was happy to see an email last week from SocialSpark that was upgraded to a Staff Pick blog.


As a staff pick blog this puts my site in a higher category and is one removed from premium blogs which are the elite blogs showcased based on traffic and popularity of the website and the blogger personality themselves.

With any luck this will grab some more attention from advertisers and I can continue to showcase more reviews of products in the technology and internet categories.

I have had some amazingly great opportunities from SocialSpark over the past two years and have reviewed products from companies like Microsoft, CA, and many others.

My favorite is when I get sent a copy of software to test or a product to test because then I can actually try it and give a hands on review rather than just read about it and do my best to showcase a products strengths and perceived value without actually being able to try it myself.

Out of all the paid blogging companies I have been using and trying over the past three years SocialSpark has been the most consistent by having the highest quality advertisers and most offers for my sites. 

If you are curious of the 25+ programs and what have worked for me, you can read about how I make money online through my blogs and test the programs out for yourself.  Every program I have tried costs NO MONEY to join and is merely a way for you to sign up and try to make money with your blog by writing reviews of products or showcasing websites/services.

-Justin Germino

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