Trouble with Amazon Shipment

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Unfortunately had a little bit of trouble with one of my Amazon orders from a 3rd party vendor where the items were delayed by customs, only meaning they were shipped from outside the U.S. and were blocked.  This wasn’t anything special, just a few cases for the Kindle Fire, but I am now wondering if they will be re-ordered and arrive on time by Christmas.

Because the Kindle Fire is still fairly new there are a limited amount of case/cover options if you want something other than traditional black or gray.

imageThis is the 2nd shipment to have issues, I had another shipment were Amazon informed me the item was damaged in shipping and they would be refunding my money but the item arrived unscathed a few days later.  I had already ordered a replacement item as well, but decided to keep both of them instead of sending one back.

Will all the packages being shipped and tracked it is expected there is some package delivery confusion or mishaps, this makes me glad that I always order early instead of waiting until the week before Christmas where even a 2 day shipping mishap could prevent the item from arriving on time.

Fortunately Amazon has one of the most awesome return/refund policies so if I needed anything refunded I wouldn’t have had any issues doing it.

-Justin Germino

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