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Yep, we are pretty much a family of gamers here in my household.  My eldest son is a total PC gamer as am I, but my youngest prefers the Wii or Xbox 360 consoles primarily because at 5 years old he can use the controllers better than a keyboard/mouse combo and most console games don’t require as much reading at the moment.

When we do PC game the three of us, which is rare until I get my 5 year old his own laptop we have done Wizards 101 which all three of us like to play.  Runes of Magic would probably be the next triple family member game we do together when my youngest is a little older.

Pretty much when you have 3 gamers in the same house free to play MMO’s are the best bet,  you can’t afford to buy 3 copies of a $50 dollar game just so everyone in your household can play anymore.  It isn’t like the old times when you could buy 1 copy of a game and play on “Multiplayer LAN mode” where you can install it on multiple machines and all just connect via local network and play on a single copy.

Almost all games have DRM now and require connecting to a live server online and each copy is specifically registered.  What’s worse is separate licenses are the same price as a full copy of the game.  Ouch!

As a result Free To Play reigns supreme in my house and when it comes to multiplayer gaming with my kids.  Who can justify spending $150 on 3 copies of the same game in the same household?

Wizards 101 is a great Free to play game for adults and kids!




Some of the free to play games tested recently which are fun and worth spending time with:

Wizards 101 (RPG / Strategy)

World of Warcraft (Free for 1st 20 levels)  (RPG)

Lord of the Rings Online (RPG)

City of Heroes  (Now completely free!)  (RPG)

Runes of Magic (RPG)

World of Tanks (Tank Sim / Shooter)

Age of Empires Online (Strategy)

Allegiance  (Strategy)

League of Legends (Multi Player Battle Arena)

-Justin Germino

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