Traveling to CA World 2011

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On Friday I will be flying out to Las Vegas on Veterans day in preparation for attending CA World starting Sunday the 13th through the 17th of November 2011.  Though I won’t be speaking this year (I presented at the last 2 CA World expo’s) I do make a point to attend as many sessions as possible from both a learning perspective on the software as well as the networking potential.

I actually am pretty terrified of public speaking and even though I have spoken twice I still get very uncomfortable.  I was considering finding a local place that allows for amateur poetry reads and just getting used to standing up in front of crowds by reading some of the hundreds of poems I have written on Wanderer Thoughts Poetry but I never can find the time and don’t know if any places exist within 50 miles of where I live honestly.

My goals are to become more comfortable with public speaking as I see it as part of a natural progression of where I am going with my primary career and even my secondary hobbies honestly.

-Justin Germino

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