Seriously!? The End is Near?

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It is amazing how ironic it is when driving down the street and actually seeing people carrying signs that say “Repent” or “The end is near” or “Give your life to Jesus”…etc.

I completely and utterly respect everyone’s beliefs and right to believe whatever they will, I just think that when it comes to blatant pandering or proselytizing one should at least be considerate of others. 

I often tell my wife “The crazy don’t realize their crazy” and it really is true.  There is far too much hatred, anger and intolerance in this world and I don’t mean for crooked companies, governments that overcommit and spend our tax dollars but for each other as human beings.

I would pay no more disrespect to another human being than I would to my own family, we are all a living sentient race on this Earth and deserve to be recognized as such.  The fact that genocide occurs in Africa, religious intolerance and hatred in the Middle East predominately but everywhere really is absurd.

The fact that even in America people would trash talk a presidential candidate because he is a Mormon is insane.  I don’t practice religion but I can damn well tell you that religion and churches have done good things for people and communities.

Sure, doesn’t matter if you believe in god or not.  I have seen Mormon communities help each other in times of need.  I have seen the way communities stick together and form that friendship of helping fellow brothers or sisters out.

You see this same community in all religions to some extent, but I just use Mormon as an example because in Arizona and particularly in Mesa and Casa Grande I have personally seen more Mormon communities lately.

There is no room for intolerance in a civilized world, humanity must be better than that.

-Justin Germino

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