Post Editing Screencast Recordings

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After doing over 70+ video’s for YouTube I find that I still have a problem when doing audio recording that I tend to fill a silent gap with “umm” which is unprofessional.  Ironically I don’t do this on conference calls or when speaking over the phone, but it happens primarily when recording my voice on a microphone.  My mind takes a moment to process what I want to say next and fills the silent space with an umm.

Fortunately I use post video editing with Camtasia Studio to remove these but it means more editing time for my video’s.  I actually wasn’t even aware that I was doing it, until I listen to my own recording and find out how many times I actually say um when recording a presentation.

I need to train myself to remove these audible pauses so that it saves time on video editing or I probably just need to write and read from a script more often which I don’t really like doing but probably should start to.

I have seen many video’s by other bloggers which need post editing, but too many directly feed the webcam recording or video cam recording directly to YouTube.  Sometimes they are audio background feedback issues, other times they are just minor audio or visual issues like pauses when someone is searching for something or primarily when I see people demo’ing something and wait far to long for a website to load and you are just stuck there waiting in silence.

It is important if you do video demonstrations to review them and make video/audio edits where you can to improve the quality and professionalism of the recording.  This is especially true if you are trying to establish yourself as an authority in your field and building a reputation.

-Justin Germino

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