Tis the Season for Amazon Affiliate Sales

This post contains affiliate links.

One trend noticed years previously is how Amazon affiliates can really take advantage of the holiday season to boost Affiliate earnings.  I can already see an uptick as normal converts lead to many additional items being added to people’s carts and hope it brings a much needed boost to blog earnings for November / December.

I imagine Black Friday and the deal days of December are among the best to showcase products and try to let readers know what’s available and what deals they can get in the hopes of getting that 4-6.5% earning commission for a user purchasing the product through your store or blog.

Social Media is also a good way to promote a product on Amazon with your affiliate link provided you do it tactfully and not spammy.

Some tips I use to promote affiliate items from Amazon:

Use Separate Tracking ID’s

Use separate tracking ID’s for all your social media accounts and blogs so you can easily pull reports to see where your referrals are coming from and which ones lead to sales.

Use EasyAzon

The EasyAzon WordPress plugin allows you to instantly and seamlessly search for Amazon products with your Affiliate ID and insert images that link to the product on Amazon.  Don’t waste images by having them go nowhere when clicked and turn every image into a potential sale.

I use it on all of my blogs including my poetry blog for when I find images to put with my poems.

Promote Only What You Know

Only promote a product you have actually used or can show you have purchased/tested.  Include a picture of yourself with the product to show readers you aren’t just promoting something random and you can build trust by showing you actually use/test the brands you are sharing.  I do this often with my Keurig, iPad….etc.  I believe in what I buy and when I find a product I love, I talk about it and tell people why I love it.  Did you know that I have sold over 20+ Roku XDS from my Amazon Affiliate because I talk about the product so much and share that often between my blogs.  This was about $80 in commissions but really adds up with other products.

Write a Review Instead of Direct Link to Amazon

Instead of promoting a sales page on Amazon.com directly, write a review on your blog and share your review page which has links to the product you are promoting.  This has a longer lifespan as a promotion and you can get purchases months later from people who may find your post online.  I get numerous random sales from Earl Grey Tea’s on a post I did a long time ago about my top Earl Gray tea brands.

Top Lists and Holiday Gift Bundles

Make a top 5 or top 10 list or a best for holidays list and you can really start to give people choices and options.  You may sell one or two of the products or gain interest in something completely unrelated.  This are great ways to spur interest in a variety of items on a single post.

Talking about what you will buy during the holidays with link to Amazon banners is also a good option for personal blogs as it may convince others to check it out, once they click on the  link they set the Amazon cookie which may help you get cross sales earnings.

These are just some of my tips for boosting Amazon affiliate sales during the holiday seasons.  What are some of your tricks for boosting your affiliate sales during the Holiday Season?

-Justin Germino

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