Traveling in Cabo – Day 4

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Today we woke up at a quarter to 5 in the morning to head off and fish the day away, chartering a 28′ fishing vessel my wife and I drove to Cabo San Lucas to depart from the Marina. We caught a dozen fish including 5 Ahi Tuna and a dozen long thin fish with yellow spots on the side, I actually don’t even know the name of the fish because the deckhands didn’t speak a drop of English and I couldn’t make out the word of the fish in Spanish. I took some pictures of the water, the caves and rocks we passed, and while fishing a school of about twenty dolphins I managed to catch some pictures of the dolphins swimming in the water and one jumping out of the water behind the boat.

As we pulled back into the harbor flocks of pelicans surrounded the boat and one landed on the back of the boat only two feet from us and my wife snapped a picture of it. Our fishing trip lasted only about four hours, it was colder than expected when going to deeper water, and I was getting a little sea sick for some reason after eating a cereal bar on the boat about two hours in.

That evening we went to a restaurant called Tequila’s in downtown Cabo San Lucas, where the food was phenomenal but pricey like all the restaurants. They had delicious Tamarind Margarita’s and all of their herbs are freshly grown on premises. It was quite the delectable treat to eat there.

Afterward we chilled pool side, and slept once again facing the marauding mosquito’s as we prepared for our final full day in Cabo which came next.

Enjoy picture highlights from today:

-Justin Germino

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