Traveling in Cabo – Day 5

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Today was the final full day traveling in Cabo and we spent the entire day pretty much relaxing, with a final travel to Cabo San Lucas in the evening to do some shopping and eat on the beach. In the morning we had a couple’s massage on the beach provided by Cabo Azul hotel, the massage was fantastic, the lady who massaged me had large strong hands, much stronger than I would have expected and she ironed out my muscles really well. The only problem is I am very ticklish, and I could not stop giggling the whole time while she was jabbing her knuckles in my back, thighs and calves. She had asked me a few times if the pressure was okay, probably thinking she was hurting me.

We hung around pool side for several hours after just sunning and lounging, the resort has tons of very comfortable cushioned lounges by the pool, they have several hammocks and many shaded beds that you can just lie in all day. Some people just throw some clothing and claim these lounge spots early in the morning.

I have seen people lay pool side from 9am until sun down just lounging and eating, some people were so tanned you would think they were being cooked rotisserie style. Unfortunately even with the 70 SPF sunblock my wife and I were using, we both were sunburned on Friday after making it the whole week without being burned.

We flew back on Saturday July 6th early in the morning, which was a very simple and painless ordeal. Turned the rental car in, waited at airport for flight. The only thing to note is that you go through separate customs and baggage area in Phoenix airport because you are coming from out of the country.

Here are the final pictures from Cabo on June 5th, which was our last day.

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