Traveling in Cabo – Day 3

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We woke up on Wednesday June 3rd ready to have some breakfast, lounge a bit and then drive to Cabo San Lucas to rent a Waverunner and start skipping across the water. My wife and I ate breakfast on the beach before our waverunner excursion, we ate at a great place called Mango’s and they had the best Machaca burrito’s I have ever tasted. The both of us split a single entrée as they have three burritos on a single plate and the price was reasonable, only about $16 USD for breakfast including 2 bottled waters.

The wave runner was fun, I can tell you that with certainty. My wife drove and I rode in back as we careened through the ocean waves launching up and down with amazing speed. We are both used to riding ATV’s off road in the AZ deserts, but this was our first time on a Wave Runner, and the ocean really moves you when you crash into the waves. We rode around Lover’s Beach and circled a fancy Yacht that was anchored just off shore.

One hour went by in very short time, and we did realize that the company that rented us the Wave Runner stiffed us by about 10 minutes as they didn’t put enough fuel in it, and we had no watches on us in the water, so when the waved that our hour was up, we were stiffed by 10 minutes. We didn’t really care though, we had so much fun that we just laughed about the whole adventure in the water.

After we drove back to San Jose Del Cabo and walked the downtown area, taking pictures of a historic catholic church and shops in the area, for the evening we drove back to Cabo San Lucas (I know we do a ton of driving back and forth) to have dinner on the beach at “The Office” which is a 2nd restaurant by the same lady that owns Edith’s (See yesterday’s post).

The food here was just as good, but just as pricey and still ran over $120 USD for the two of us. I had a whole red snapper grilled and served, which was simply delicious. After this evening, my wife and I walked the beach back to the car, drove back to Cabo Azul resort and chilled in the outdoor hot tub for an hour before retiring for the evening.

Unfortunately, even though we bought mosquito repellent, the night of day 3 we were mauled by mosquito’s again that evening, suffering a dozen bites each and having to keep the light on the whole night to keep the mosquito’s away. One thing you will need to be aware of is that prepare to be a feast for the Mexican mosquito’s.

Here are the pic’s from Day Three from morning to night, enjoy:

-Justin Germino

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