Traveling in Cabo – Day Two

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After feasting on Javier’s food and enjoying the beautiful views of the Cabo Azul hotel on the first day, we went to bed prepared to have some fun after enduring our time share presentation the following morning. Instead we ran into a little bit of mosquito problem the first evening.

Since we enjoyed hearing the ocean we decided to leave our sliding door open to the bedroom while we slept, we didn’t mind the warmer air it was far cooler being around 75 degree’s than in Arizona. But only a few hours into sleeping my wife and I both woke up to dozens of mosquito’s assaulting our flesh.

I received about a dozen bites, and my wife had close to the same number, were were so bothered by mosquito’s that we had to turn the lights on and sleep with the lights fully on to dissuade and discourage the mosquito’s. They don’t seem to like flying in bright light and this seemed to keep them at bay so we could get a few hours rest.

One thing to note, make sure you have plenty of mosquito repellent when you travel to tropical climates, we bought some plug-in products and Bug Off spray at the local Mega store the next day.

We awoke pretty tired from lack of sleep and attended the time share presentation, which was polite and friendly for the first half. The guide showed us around the whole property, the gym, spa and all the features, we had a free buffet breakfast, but when they turned us over to the finance and sales person at the end of the presentation things got a little rough.

The salesman was condescending, rude and outright offensive, we endured his behavior just long enough to meet our commitment and told him we were done and were ready to move on and enjoy our day. I did enjoy the property enough that I would consider owning a timeshare there in the future, but I just am not interested in owning one at this time. Time share presentations are as painful and brutal as the TV Shows parody, they really are not worth doing even to save some money, as I was in a bad mood for hours afterward.

We spent the rest of Tuesday relaxing by the pool, taking in some sun and learning the way of the land. We decided to drive to Cabo San Lucas which is about 35 minutes away from San Jose Del Cabo to spend the evening. We setup our Waverunner rental for Wednesday and our all day fishing trip for Thursday. We also setup a couples beach massage for Friday as a great way to end the week together, to be massaged under a tent on the beach.

Adriano was one of the Cabo Azul hotel staff and was probably the friendliest and nicest person we met in all of Cabo, he recommended the restaurant Edith’s to eat at in downtown Cabo San Lucas and it was the best restaurant we have eaten at the whole trip and in my wife’s top 5 restaurants of all time. I had grilled Sea Bass, and my wife had a Shrimp, Lobster and Ahi Tuna combo, the food was fantastic as was the service and drinks. Plus afterward we just walked down the street and onto the Medano beach and enjoyed some walking near the waves.

After dinner and walking we decided to check out the famous Cabo Wabo Cantina for some live music and fun later in the evening, which was a blast (we had been to Cabo Wabo before during our cruise the previous year).

Pics from second day:

All in all the second day was great, neither one of us was sunburned yet, and we had seen and navigated around San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Armed with mosquito repellant we didn’t get bothered the second evening at all by mosquito’s either, which was nice.

-Justin Germino

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