Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Part Rock Concert, Part Play

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Went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the first time the other night in concert at arena and have to say it was a spectacular event that blew away all expectations.

We had exceptional seats in the 5th row from the stage, but I wasn’t able to get pictures as I had no camera on me (even though the event allowed recording provided you didn’t use a D-SLR).  I had always loved listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra during the holidays but had never seen them perform live and I was impressed at the talent of the musicians and performers.

The performance reminded me a little bit of a rock concert combined with a play as a narrator illustrates the setting and meaning between songs and does a good job setting the story so you have a visual and mental picture to accompany the audio.

The concert makes excellent use of lasers, lights, pyrotechnics and yes the fire was making it very warm in the first few rows they needed more air conditioning if they use that much fire in a concert.  There were even fog effects and snow (bubbles) raining from the sky at one point which really added to the atmosphere of the concert.

In addition to doing a full Christmas performance they also include some extra songs at the end and the concert lasted nearly 3 hours which was an incredible length of time for a single concert.

Super impressed and if you enjoy rocking Christmas music and like listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra then I highly recommend you see them when they come to perform in your city.

-Justin Germino

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