Review of Arrowhead Grill in Glendale

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It is rare these days that I get out to a new restaurant in Arizona, this is in part because I live in Casa Grande and it is about an hour drive each way to the nearest new fine dining restaurant and Casa Grande only has about two dozen or so restaurants with most of them being chains like Chilis, Olive Garden…etc.

So when I took my wife out to Arrowhead Grill I was excited and I did my research based on location (it was fairly close to the arena) and looked at reviews 5 star Zagat rated.

When we arrived at Arrowhead Grill the atmosphere is similar to Ruth’s Chris except with an open kitchen.  It has the air of a fine steakhouse and we were promptly seated our reservations having been made a week beforehand on OpenTable.


The restaurant is your typical high end steakhouse and the you will find various cuts of steak, seafood, and each side item is purchased separately but large enough to share with 2 or 3 people.

The night I went they had imported Kobe style beef from New Zealand, but I opted to get their classic Delmonico steak with Shrimp Scampi on top.  For an appetizer I chose the European pretzels with mustard / cheese fondue.  My wife chose the lamb rack with goat cheese fondue and we both split a few sides including Scalloped Cheese Potatoes and Creamed Spinach.

My wife also ordered the wedge salad which was amazingly delicious with thick applewood smoked bacon.


The appetizer was fantastic, I am a huge pretzel lover and the European Pretzel with mustard cheese fondue blew away any pretzel I have ever had.  Seriously, no theater, Wetzel pretzel or any other pretzel compared to the warm soft dough, hard crust, salt and the right amount of hot mustard in the cheese fondue was a fabulous compliment.

The steak itself was also fantastic, a thick 10oz cut of Delmonico steak which was tender, medium rare (my order) and full of flavor.  I did order a side of the brandy peppercorn sauce as well.  The shrimp scampi was fantastic as well, but if I had to give one critique is that don’t order the scampi on top of the steak.  The Shrimp and scampi sauce is poured over the steak this overrides the natural flavors of the steak and you are eating steak with scampi sauce.  This made it pointless to get the peppercorn sauce on the side as all I taste was the garlic scampi sauce with each steak bite.  Now it isn’t unpleasant, it is delicious but I would have rather had a plain steak that I could have tried without sauce, then dipped in various sauces to compare rather than subject the whole steak to scampi sauce.

My wife really enjoyed her rack of lamb with goat cheese fondue and the two of us finished the dinner off with one of their famous butter cakes which was delicious and extremely rich.


Arrowhead Grill in Glendale Arizona is a treat and if you haven’t been and enjoy fine steakhouses then you will not be disappointed.  Price wise is comparable to Ruth’s Chris or other fine steakhouses and you can estimate about $150 – $200 for two people dining if you both get an entrée, salad, 1 appetizer and a few drinks of alcohol.  Obviously some entrees are more than others, so plan your budget accordingly and prepare to have one of the best meals of your life.

-Justin Germino

Arrowhead Grill

8280 W Union Hills Dr
Glendale, AZ 85308
(623) 566-2224

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