Too Busy or Just Procrastination in My Studies

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I have been meaning to study for my CISM certification exam for the nearly the past two years and I can’t decide if I am just too busy (which I am) or I am just procrastinating at this point.  I haven’t yet taken all the time to absorb all of the free online training available to me, nor looked up any research papers on the topic that might save me time neither.


I have always been bad when it comes to testing, I practice stuff in the real world and even when I know stuff I second guess myself on tests, probably because of my Libra trait but I always think a test question is trying to trick, it can’t be that easy, or if there are multiple choice questions where more than 1 answer is correct I can get tripped up as well.

I find that in order for me to take the time needed to study I would have to do it late at night to avoid distractions, this is typically my unwind time from a busy and stressful day and hardly a time I want to spend researching, learning and trying to memorize more information to pass a test.  Yet I really wanted to add this career certification to my resume and need to hunger down.

Maybe by writing a post about it I will motivate myself to actually take some of the free courses available to me and then schedule the test for next year.  just need to push myself.  How many others out there hate tests, research papers, essays, and anything else you have to study up for just to try and pass a few hundred questions or some scrutiny to see if you deserve a paper?

-Justin Germino

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