Top Ten Snack Items While Watching TV

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I was reading a Top Ten list over on Mary’s Madness and decided to join her creative spark and make a top ten list of my own.

Here would be my top ten snack items to eat while watching TV (I rotate through these quite frequently)

#1 – Pepperoni, Cheese and Crackers

This is a staple of mine, and I can’t help but eat sliced pepperoni, aged Swiss with some butter crackers or toasted whole wheat ones. Yep, I am going to die of a heart attack when I am forty probably, but this is one snack I can’t deny myself every once and a while.

#2 – Pretzels

I rotate between pretzel rods, twists, sour dough, mini’s and even Goldfish pretzels which are really good and buttery. Makes you drink a lot more while eating them though.

#3 – Cheerios

Ironic that my first two items are so unhealthy and my third isn’t so bad for you. I like just eating dry handfuls of Cheerios or multi grain cheerios, both make a good snack and healthier than Chex mix.

#4 – Frozen Pizza

I won’t lie, more than a few times my wife and I will pop a frozen pizza in the oven at 9pm and eat it as a snack during a late night movie or TV show marathon.

#5 – Grapes or Raisins

I love eating red grapes, or midnight grapes and often will just pick and plop handfuls while watching TV or a show. Again this is one of the few healthy snacks on my list.

#6 – Cheez-it Party Mix

Something about this particular party mix makes it taste so good, the fact that it has Cheez-its plus those little crunchy bagel bite thingies, and the saltiness and sweet combined with the cheddar always makes me crave this one.

#7 – Kettle Corn

I love popped Kettle Corn and there are a few good brands out there that are microwavable. I like the sweet taste of kettle korn more than the buttery taste of regular popcorn. I even like the light 100 calorie packs so this makes it a not to unhealthy snack.

#8 – Bowl of Cereal

My wife is a huge fan of eating a bowl of Fiber One or another cereal sometimes during a snack. I myself am lactose intolerant but have on more than one occasion enjoyed a bowl of cereal with soy milk (which tastes great by the way). This is another not so unhealthy option if you choose a healthy cereal, a bowl of Lucky Charms not so much.

#9 – Potato Chips

Salt and Vinegar or Cracked Black Pepper, or even Mesquite BBQ. Sometimes nothing takes the place of some potato chips while watching a movie or show.

#10 – Taco Bell

Since having kids we don’t do nearly as many Taco Bell runs at night as we used to after the go to sleep. We used to just pick up a couple of burrito’s or Nachos Bellgrande at like 9pm and chow down during a movie occasionally.

Now, don’t think I go through this list every night. I only have a snack at night maybe two or three times a week and more often than not it is one of the healthier choices, but everything in moderation and you won’t do too much damage on your body and still enjoy the pleasure of eating some junk food 🙂

-Justin Germino

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