Received my First W2 Related to Blogging

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I received my first of two W2’s related to my blogging hobby and it was from Triangle Media which is the company behind PayU2Blog.  Ironically my income from PayU2Blog for 2009 was exactly $777.  Seriously three 7’s, is that some ironic lucky coincidence or what?  But this combined with my IZEA W2 and I should have cleared almost $1800 in 2009 from the two blogging companies combined.  Not enough money to live off of, but it did help me pay for some extra Christmas gifts for the family last year and I am hoping to make some more blog money for such occasions again this year.

I am actually still just amazed that I can just write about whatever I want and have reached enough of an audience and success that companies are hiring and sponsoring me to review, promote or talk about their products.  I mean with the 17+ million blogs online today, to even have your blogs reach that really makes me feel good.  I had a conversation with a friend last month who said that most hobbies drained both time and money, but I quickly corrected him that my hobby may drain time, but at least its a hobby that makes me some money.

-Justin Germino

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