Dog Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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My family had a little bit of a scary incident yesterday involving my Boston Terrier dog Porky. I was outside working on the trailer and this stray Jack Russel terrier mix had come up to our house and was playing nicely with my kids and dogs. I don’t know where the dog came from, but it didn’t seem harmful and my dog played pretty nice with him, until it went along its way. About an hour later my Mother in Law had taken my kids and dog for a walk (the dog was leashed) and while they were around the block a police officer had come by asking if we had seen a black and white dog. We mentioned about the Jack Russel terrier mix we saw earlier and he had informed us that a dog had bit a kid on the hand.

The worst part was when my Mother in Law came back to our house with our Boston Terrier who is black and white the Police officer had asked if our dog was leashed the whole time and since a black and white small dog was reported the office asked to have our dog brought over for the kid to identify if it was the dog who bit him.

This poor little dog wouldn’t bite anything or anyone, he hasn’t a mean bone in his body and he was guilty until proven innocent:

Meanwhile, the kid at first said “It looks like the dog” which had us panicked before the kid finally acknowledged it only looked like it because of the black and white, it wasn’t the dog that bit him in the hand. The kid must have only been eight or nine years of age, and I can see how kids can see a dog and any dog black and white “looks” like another dog. The officer let us and our dog go, but for a brief moment my wife and I were panicked about what almost could have happened.

Be careful out there with your pets folks, make sure they are leashed at all times and don’t run free. Even if you have the friendliest dog in the word, when a dog around the neighborhood bites someone it can make everyone be on alert and if you have a dog wandering or a dog that even is close in appearance to another dog, you might be blamed.

-Justin Germino

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