The Weekend Approaches

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Only a few more working hours left until the weekend, but this is a long week for the family as it is fall break for my eldest son.  I hope to pack in as much play time and family time as possible before going back to work on Monday.  Lots of house cleaning and yardwork to do, need to trim all my plants in the yard.

On another note, I dislike how it is still over 90 degree’s during the day and already approaching the middle of October.  I sure do miss having 70 degree weather in the fall that is one bad thing about being in the desert, there really is no spring/fall.  Summer abruptly shifts to Winter and vice versa.

Entrecard appears to be down all day today, not only can I not access the site, but the badges are broken on all my blog pages (no Drop) buttons display.  Is this happening for everyone?

-Justin Germino

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