Found A Typing Test While Browsing Aronils Blog

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I was browsing Aronils web site which I do daily, she runs a beautiful site and its so artistic and I like what she writes about. I saw she had a typing results page up on her latest post and decided to try my hand on the typing test. I usually rate between 91 and 100 WPM on normal typing tests, and this test is very accurate. I was able to knock out 95 words per minute with 0 errors, now, I do make errors but you can hit backspace and correct them before finishing the word and they count as not making a mistake. I would probably have been over 100WPM had I not backspaced to fix some errors before finishing the word.

This was a fun little test just wanted to share it with my readers, thanks Aronil for finding this and posting about it.
95 words
Speed test

Updated: October 10, 2008 — 10:08 pm