Entrecard Started Working Somewhat Better

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I am trying to return drops like crazy, already did 300 drops for Dragon Blogger, trying to do at least 150 for each of my other 3 blogs, for a total of 750 drops today. Entrecard switches to the next 24 hours at 9pm PT, so I literally can do 300 drops at 8pm, and an hour later, I can do another 300 drops for the next day. To help improve the speed of my drops tonight, I actually have Firefox open and doing one blogs drops, and Google Chrome open doing another blogs drops. Each browser has like 30 tabs open at the same time, and I am dropping like a bat out of hell.

Unfortunately Firefox is much slower loading 30 web sites in tabs than Chrome, I can do 20 drops on Chrome for every 5 on Firefox. However, Chrome will lose the cookies and I could have 30 tabs open for Entrecard to say “Must Login” and I have to reload all 30 pages. Not sure why Chrome browser loses track of the cookies after a period of time, or if an error occurs. It is quite annoying.

I still like the speed of it and even with the crashes Google Chrome is faster at getting my browsing and drops done. That being said, whenever I have to leave a comment, I open Firefox and cut/paste the URL from Chrome to Firefox, this is so my CoComment plug-in can record my comments and track them. There are no such plug-ins for Google Chrome.

Have a good evening everyone.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: October 12, 2008 — 7:14 pm