Experimenting with Twitter

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Many people and bloggers use the Twitter Social Networking service, I am just learning to use it and determine how it can be of value.  Obviously I have no followers, and not many friends just casual readers of my blog.  I have decided to setup some “Follow Me On Twitter” logo’s on both this site and my primary site Dragon Blogger.  I drew these logo’s from the Twitter homepage.

I will update twitter as often as I can based on how many people show interest in following my moves on twitter.  This is a little social networking experiment.  I do follow my friend “Damien Riley” on twitter and its nice to see that he gives twitter updates fairly frequently.

So how many of my blog friends use twitter, does it help with your blog promotion, or do you use it more for your closer friends?

-Justin Germino

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Dani talks about when she started using twitter as a result of seeing her blog friends using it.

Kasumi has excellent information and twitter tools to help you maximize your usage of twitter.

Architect talks about having twitter but not leveraging it that much and focuses mostly on posting blogs.

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