Ethernet Cables Are Preferrable To Wireless For PC to PC Transfers

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I am one who relies on network speed for various online and multimedia functions in my house. I do run a wireless network but that is only used by one laptop. Most of my PC’s and laptops are connected to my router via CAT5e cables. One of the main reasons is speed, you can achieve 100/Full or 1000/Full speed on your home network if all of your NIC cards are the same. This allows you to transfer files between your home computers much faster than a wireless network.

I have a NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drive, that is 100MB full, and if I were were using wireless to tranfer data to and from my external drive my backups and file transfers would take twice as long. So if you have desktop computers I always recommend using ethernet cables for maximum transfer throughput. Wireless is only for portability of laptops, but you do suffer on transfer speeds.

Note: Most ISP’s even broadband rarely top 8mbps, so therefore wireless won’t really notice any speed performance impact when browsing the internet. You notice the loss when transfering large amount of media between computers and servers. I do Digital Video recording and a ten minute video can be 400mb or more, this would take much longer to transfer via wireless than with ethernet cable.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: October 10, 2008 — 10:25 am