The Moral of Yes Man is Enjoying Life

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I saw the movie “Yes Man” the other night and I thought it was one of Jim Carrey’s best movie in years, funny, crude with all the silliness that made him popular the movie also had a good moral to the story which is you shouldn’t let life pass you by. This in turn is really a good thing, we all only have one lifetime some of us don’t even get an entire lifetime and are lives are tragically cut short.

We can’t afford to put off the bucket list, or things we want to to before we pass on from this world. It doesn’t matter if you are in your twenties, thirties or sixties you make lists of all the things you want to see or do in life and you should start working toward checking those things off of your list. Be a little adventurous once and a while and mix life up.

I can say that I have done and seen quite a few things over my last few decades but there are still dozens if not hundreds of things I want to do and try and I am continuing to work toward checking each one off my mental list.

-Justin Germino

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