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In the last week I have seen two dog theme related movies including Marley & Me and Hotel for Dogs, as an owner of two Boston terriers (my wife’s favorite breed and now mine as well). We are both dog lovers, I do love cats too but there is just something about dogs and how they bond with people and families that makes them so special.

Marley & Me was a great movie, although it was about Marley, the movie was about how relationships and people grow over time and Marley was the centerpiece on which the characters grew around and developed. It was a touching movie with a terribly sad (you knew it was coming) ending that had tears welling in my eyes. I highly recommend this movie for dog lovers or anyone who enjoys seeing couples movies.

Hotel for Dogs was more for a younger audience but was enjoyable nonetheless, kids take up stray dogs in an abandoned hotel to prevent them from going to the city pound. The dog breeds are great, the gadgets invented to keep the dogs happy and to train them was fun too. The ironic thing is every dog is a pure breed, almost one of every different type and the odds of so many pure breeds being strays in the same area had us laughing. Still was a fun movie and my five year old and two year old kids loved it and kept saying the Boston Terrier in the film looks like our Gouda and Porky.

For those who don’t know, here is Gouda and Porky (Porky is Black and White, and Gouda is the Brindle):


Gouda (left), Porky (right)

-Justin Germino

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