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I happened across an Article on the NY Daily News about the latest 15 foods proven to help keep your body burning fat and running better. It is actually shown that Milk is in fact quite good for you, the natural calcium in milk enhances your metabolism which helps burn more calories. A study done by the University of Tennessee showed that people who consumed 1200+ mg of calcium daily lost almost 2x as much as dieters who had less calcium. Milk also has low carbohydrates which is also a bonus, skim milk has less calories but I personally think a little fat is good for the body so 2% would be ideal.

Jalapeños and other spicy peppers, yep eating jalapeños which I can’t do because my stomach can’t take any spicy food at all anymore is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism. That burn in your mouth that is capsaicin and that causes your entire body to go into overdrive and increase your blood temperature slightly from the heat. You will sweat and you will burn calories much faster, eating one or two spicy snacks a day can really help with balancing your weight. If you have a weak stomach though beware, eating or taking red pepper pills or the like can cause stomach irritation and such only do this if you can stomach it.

Oats and Grains have fiber which cleans the blood stream and intestines, oats contain more soluble fiber which clears your arteries and blood stream and wheat has more insoluble fiber which is for cleaning out your intestinal track and getting food moving along. Make sure you have plenty of fiber but remember carbohydrates can lead to weight gain so eat carbs in moderation, just get some.

Green Tea and Coffee, yep Caffeine stimulates your metabolism which helps burn calories and Green Tea has caffeine plus EGCG which is another metabolic stimulant. Remember though if you are putting sugar or cream into your tea you are increasing the calories and offsetting the benefit, if you must have sweetener use 0 calorie sweetener and drink your calorie black or only put skim or 2% milk instead of creamers which are high in fat and calories typically.

Salmon is among the best meals you can eat, not only does it have a very healthy calorie to carb rating, but protein and extremely healthy fats and oils which are good for your heart, skin, brain function and arteries. Fresh grilled salmon is among one of the most healthy foods you can eat.

Lean Chicken is also shown to help increase calorie burn and healthy, what surprised me was that lean pork because it is harder to digest and takes more time increases calorie burn as a result. But make sure you are eating lean grilled pork or pan fried, don’t bread, dip in BBQ sauce or have bacon or ribs which don’t have the health benefits.

The full article had 15 items, but really they listed 3 different peppers, 2 different caffeine beverages and 4 different meats which should have been in the same category so mine is a compression list.

-Justin Germino

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