Everyone Should Play An Instrument

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My family is a firm believer that everyone should have at least some musical instruction and learning in their lifetime, as children it is proven that learning to play music helps academically as well as socially. My father was a drummer and I grew up with a full 7 piece drum set in my house, but for some reason I never had aptitude to play the drums.

I did however want to learn how to play the keyboard or take piano lessons when I was a child, I had naturally dexterous fingers and was a very quick typer I figured I would have some ability at playing the piano. Alas though for one reason or another it never panned out and other than learning to play the Recorder, and Xylophone in school, I don’t really know how to play a musical instrument which is one of my regrets.

Eventually I would like to find the time to learn how to play the Guitar, or piano but for now my schedule is not capable of fitting this in. Our son however who is five years old is in drum lessons, he chose what instrument he wanted to learn and he has an aptitude for it. Already being able to read drum notes he is getting better every week and it is a good thing.

-Justin Germino

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