The Flight to Charlotte

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I would have to say that airlines are starting to make desperate decisions lately, like charging for choosing a different seat on a plane or even for your first check on baggage.  In flight meals can only be bought, and beverage service soon will not be complimentary I bet.   The sheep herding that is boarding a plane went fairly smoothly as I squeezed my way onto US Airways flight 304 from Phoenix to Charlotte, I knew my entire day would be wasted on the flight as due to the time difference plus the flight time, I left in the morning and would be arriving in the late afternoon.

As I am trying to control my dieting, I spent over an hour watching people eat airline food around me chewing and swallowing while I sat hungry in my seat.  I did succumb and eat one of my cereal bars packed for the occasion however.  I also spent the time listening to my iPOD and typing up blog posts, at last count I had typed 2 poems and four posts for a total of nearly three thousand words typed while on the flight.

I sat next to someone who watched pirated movies that were still in Theaters and this made me consider just how much piracy is going on in the movie industry.  He was watching Angels and Demons which wasn’t even released on DVD yet, torrents and such networks make it all to easy to distribute pirated movies.  My wife had a great idea that she told me previously, all movie studios should release DVD copies of the movies at the same time the movies are published in theaters.  Though to get a DVD copy early, there should be an increased cost say $30 for the early release fee of the DVD.  That way people who didn’t want to see a movie in theaters could purchase it right away and watch in their own home, most would pay extra for the convenience.  Or at least my family would, as we prefer to watch movies at home than see them in the theater.

Anyway, back to my flight story.

Airlines should have internet access on board the flight using Wi-Fi or some other antenna, you can just be so much more productive, heck I could have had these posts published instead of just queuing them in Word until I get to my Hotel later today.  Instead of charging customers for existing services, they should find a way to provide new services and charge a premium for them.

-Justin Germino

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