Mentioned in an MSNBC Article about Twitter Followers

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In the article Twitter Followers:  More is not always better, I was one of a few bloggers interviewed by the author about my own experience with Twitter trains and follower schemes that promise to grow your twitter following at the expense of gaining sheer volume instead of value of followers.

This article slants toward the same point of view that I mentioned in my Dragon Blogger article about Twitter Pyramid Schemes, which talked about the negative experience I had while experimenting with such sites for research for my blog posts.

It is a good article and points out how even though these sites promise many followers, you will start losing your “quality” followers which are people you built a rappore with and communicate with, for sheer numbers which is probably not a good idea for someone who actively socializes on Twitter, but may be a worthy tradeoff for a company looking for merely spamming their brand name.

-Justin Germino

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