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Over the past seven months my technology blog has transformed from being a single author blog run by myself into an online magazine type of site.  I have a staff of writers now who are writing and the site has now become an organization with the creation of a new @dragonbloggers twitter account which is monitored by my site staff. This will give my online profile 24×7 reach as I have writers in various time zones and cover almost entire 24 hours with this account being staffed.


I am using Hootsuite Pro to establish a team who all can login and tweet from and respond to any tweet with the same @dragonbloggers twitter profile.  Hootsuite Pro rocks and is one of my favorite social media tools.

In addition I have expanded and given some of my writers admin access to the DragonBloggerTech Facebook fanpage so they can help with promotions, responding and keeping activity alive.

I like that my team are called "DragonBloggers" and we are one tight knit group in constant communication on our private Facebook group as we discuss plans for the site and future growth.

Make no mistake, is growing very rapidly in the online verse and is being picked up by more and more companies for doing product reviews, product testing and more.  It is my goal that become a combination IGN / Destructoid / Famousbloggers / Movie Review site all in one.  Do I think we can accomplish this?

Hell yeah we can!

-Justin Germino

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