Almost Lost Novel on a Plane

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You have heard of people reading novels on a plane but somehow I was reading House Corrino novel in the newer Dune series by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson and I managed to get 85+ pages into the novel and somehow misplaced it while sitting in my seat on a 9 hour flight from Charlotte to Rome. I literally couldn’t find the book, it wasn’t under the seats, on the side or even in any of the pouches.

I spent several minutes thinking how the hell did I lose a book I was reading just 1 hour prior while sitting in the same seat on a plane? The novel was actually given to me by a gentlemen who was at our kids swim lessons just the day prior. It had a slew of political betrayal and plots, subplots and took place prior to the events of the Dune series.

It was actually the third book in the prequel trilogy but I hadn’t read the previous two. It was easy to get right back into and I remembered surprisingly large amounts from when I read the Dune series about 17 years ago. I remembered virtually everything and none of it felt new, but fortunately about three hours later I had asked the women seating behind me if they saw a book on the floor near their feet and one of them found my book shortly after.

I seriously have a bad habit of losing stuff in situations where most people just can’t lose something. I literally almost lost a thick 600 page soft cover book while sitting in the same seat on a plane.

-Justin Germino

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