Shoved in a Harkins Line

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So while standing lines at Harkins theater the other week waiting to purchase tickets for Cars 2 I was forcible shoved by an older woman probably a good 15-20 years my senior.

It all started when there were only 2 lanes open, the lanes were very slow moving and I had a work related email come in on my blackberry.  Now I typically don’t read my phone while in a line or anything, but the lines weren’t moving and it was a distressing 110+ degrees out and I needed a distraction.

While I was reading the email a 3rd line opened up and the teller called "next in line" I hadn’t noticed because it wasn’t my line and a lady behind me forcibly shoved me in the back and said "your next" literally pushing me forward enough to where I almost dropped my phone.

I literally was stunned, now I am not a big or intimidating guy but at 170 pounds and medium build I figured a stranger would be taking a chance to just shove another stranger in public.  Now, she must have figured because I was reading my blackberry that automatically dismissed me as being any sort of aggressor (probably true) but still I was rather offended and felt a little violated that my personal space was invaded.

Truthfully I didn’t say or do anything but put my phone away and move into the line to buy the tickets, I was literally to dumbfounded for my brain to make the flight or fight decision needed to address the situation.

But I kept wondering, couldn’t she have just said they are talking to you instead of shoving me?  Or was I actually being rude by reading my email while waiting in line?

You be the judge.

-Justin Germino

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