The Age Of Rock Show Was A Success

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There had been weeks of advertising, promoting and work put into the rock show last night at Crabby Dons in Gilbert.  Several people who I knew from Twitter had arrived and it was great to meeting them in person, I wish I had more time to talk and get to know them.  I was however relegating to handling the door and I took peoples cover and gave them wrist bands.

All in all we brought in 63 people who were there for the show and paid cover to get in, there were another 60 or so who were there for a benefit and were only there to drink and not for the show.  These people were allowed to stay on the patio or in the other room where the band wasn’t playing.

There were alot of people sneaking in to see the bands and one couple actually refused to pay and bypassed the cover and then stuck into the show from another door.  The place as 4 entrances into the show room, so it is hard to man and keep tabs of everyone.

The bands only made $3 per head count, so really people who refuse to pay are taking money away from the bands, as it is the bands were paid between $50 and $65 per band so they play and perform and barely make $15 per band member for playing.  The musicians do it for the love of sharing their music, but they deserve to be compensated for performing their art, people shouldn’t stress so much about a $7 cover.

Our company did take a loss of around $115 to perform the show, we brought in enough tickets to cover venue fee, band payments, but were not able to recoup all of our advertising costs (Posters, Flyers, Print ads…etc).

But the turnout was great and we still consider it a success as it was our 2nd show.  My boss was really happy and is already looking to plan the next show in the up and coming months.

-Justin Germino

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