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I actually was surprised when I found information about Pinewood derby trophies. This is because I can see many benefits to ordering trophies as rewards for kids who are in competitive sports, or if you want to reward them for academic achievement. Trophies and awards can be a good motivator for children, if your son or daughter gets straight A’s all semester, it may be worth purchasing a trophy or award that they can keep in their room as a reminder of their achievement.

This simple reward mechanism actually helps kids feel like they achieve something and get rewarded for their efforts, and to be honest I have bought my children action figures or toys as a reward and they play with them, break them and three months later they forget why they got them. A trophy or award is something they will remember for a long time, and they can stare at it in accomplishment. I actually am one of those people who is proud of all the awards and trophies I have one at work, and I keep them and collect them as a symbol of pride.

Not all people react the same way, but you can tell very quickly if your child is someone who responds well to trophies and awards, and if they do, then consider purchasing one for them for some achievement they have accomplished repeatedly, or a big game that they have won. Or offer to sponsor some awards or trophies for your school’s activities, or little league…etc The teams would very much appreciate the donation.

-Justin Germino

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