Going Out To See Vayden On Wednesday Night

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So the day before Thanksgiving I am going to see Vayden in the evening and always enjoy their music.  They are a local Arizona rock band that has toured recently with Tantric and you can hear their music on KUPD as well as Sirius Octane.  Their album Children of Our Mistakes is very good and I like virtually every track on the CD.

So low and behold I am just over thirty years old and realize that I have a few acne issues on my forehead, this started happening when I started combing my hair forward instead of backward. Now my hair touches my forehead which causes it to break out a little. I keep my hair washed daily its just that my skin is so sensitive even something brushing up against it causes it to break out. I have to figure out the best easy to use acne treatment to keep this type of issue under control.

It really is embarrassing to have acne when you are an adult, though I don’t have much acne anymore, I still have the occasional breakout on my head or face. It figures that it happens right before you go out, women have it easy actually, they can cover their acne with makeup and diminish its appearance greatly.

Truthfully, I am one of those people who is not happy overall with how I look and constantly battles self image problems.  I do realize and am envious of people who are happy with who they are, whether you are large, small, tall or short, as long as you are happy with who you are you should not be concerned with how other people think.  I can say this and mean it for other people, yet have a hard time following my own words for myself.

-Justin Germino

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