My View Of Consensual Infidelity

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So had read this post on Postcards From The Funny Farm about Consensual Infidelity and read Damien Riley’s point of view on the subject.  This was a subject that made me want to share my views and opinions on the subject because I do echo Damien Riley’s comments and point of view in many ways here.

Infidelity is absolutely wrong by any right, the act of cheating and lying and hiding information from your spouse or partner is toxic to any relationship and only people with unhealthy self images and poor self confidence would put up with this and endure this repeatedly.  I do feel great empathy for these people and hope that they have enough strength to realize that they should never compromise their values and who they are for fear of not finding someone else as is the most common trap which keeps someone in this type of relationship.

Consensual Infidelity is when both partners are open and honest and agree to share or have an extramarital relationship.  This can be for money as in an offer in the movie Indecent Proposal, or this can be just to experiment or look outside the relationship.  If you are the type of couple that this is something that interests you this is something that can really strain a relationship.  These are called Open Relationships by some, or non-traditional marriages by others.

I myself am a little old fashioned, I hold the physical relationship as sacred as the mental one.  I believe when two people are married and committed they are committed to each other on a mental, spiritual and physical level.  There is no price that can be put on this, and one could agree or disagree with this however they choose.  There is no offer someone could make to be with my wife that I would accept monetarily as that would demean the physical affection we share for one another.

That being said I know people who think sex is just physical pleasure and does not convey the true deeper meanings of love and friendship, they would argue that you can truly love someone and be in love with someone and just have physical relations with other people and they don’t really mean or convey the deep feelings of love.  I respect people for this point of view and know many guys that would kill to be in a relationship with this type of freedom but it is not my cup of tea.

-Justin Germino

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