One Of My Favorite Christmas Presents

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I decided to write this blog post and turn it into a spark opportunity where people can share some of their favorite holiday gifts they have received over the years. I know that one of my all time favorite gifts was a few years ago when I was looking at digital cameras and added one to my wish list. My wife had bought me the Canon Digital Rebel XT, and this was one of my favorite gifts of all time. I capture pictures of the family, nature and whatever else I can with my camera. It is always reliable, takes fantastic images and though I have not had the pleasure to purchase any it supports many different lenses.

For taking photo’s of my Christmas lights I manually adjust the F-Stop and Shutter speed and play with various manual settings, since the default modes don’t do well for super dark environments, but the camera can do just about anything I need it to. With resolutions up to 8 megapixels it has more than enough for me. I really want to add a telephoto lens at some point, just have to have the spare money to do so.

What makes this gift really special is that my wife saved up and scrimped to purchase it for me, I really appreciated that and it was a big surprise gift since I thought it was way outside of our budgets and didn’t think I would get it.

One other gift of mention was when my wife bought me the PlayStation 2 back in 1999, the first year it was released. It could not be found in any stores, to make sure I had one that year (I was a huge final fantasy fan, and Final Fantasy X released with it) she actually paid over $200 more than retail to purchase it and make sure it was under my Xmas tree that year. That kind of devotion to find the ultimate gift I wanted no matter the price meant a lot to me, the funny thing is on Xmas day when I opened it, the one she bought was defective right from the start, and we had to trade it in to Toys R Us to get a replacement which the store had kept some on reserve just to replace defective ones. That PS2 lasted me 8 years and I have played many games on it over the years, It has a special memory not because of just some game console, but what my wife went through to give it to me and is also one of my favorite presents.

So tell me my readers and fellow bloggers, what are some of your favorite presents and gifts?

-Justin Germino

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