Busy for Tonights Rock Show

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Doing my final broadcasts and helping my wife with the last minute preparations for the Rock Along Productions 2nd show tonight at Crabby Dons in Gilbert Arizona.  I have to take my son to a friends birthday party in about 15 minutes and then come back and get ready for tonight.  In the meantime it has been a whirlwind day of cleaning, playing with the boys, cleaning and more cleaning.

After being away from home the choreboard had about 20 items on it, but I managed to knock down the vacuuming, mowing the grass and some other minor chores.  Still I have a lot of landscaping and yard trimming to do and the sprinkler system in the yard snapped the valve that connects to the hose bib, so I have to go to home depot later and pick up a new one.

I hope to see some of you at the Rock Show tonight, if you don’t have plans, it is worth coming by, you get to see 4 bands for $7 and the show starts at 9pm.  For details visit Rock Along Productions.

-Justin Germino

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