Testing the ISO-7X Isometric Bar

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Though I am not the fittest person in the world I do try and work out as often as I can find time for and I enjoy testing out new types of exercise equipment.  Last week I purchased the ISO-7X Isometric Workout Bar and was really impressed at how much resistance the machine has and how many flexible workouts you can do with it with the attached poster.

The workout system is simply this bar that you push to slide it in, the harder you push the more resistance there is.  There is a measurement on the side indication how many pounds of resistance you are pushing against. 


There are over 30 workouts detailed on the wall chart they provide and I have done many of them in the first day feeling my muscles tense and ache after working out.  The key is instead of using many repetition movements, you are applying pressure and then holding for 7 seconds.  This causes your muscles to strain to prevent the bar from expanding back to original position so you are fighting against this force which causes your muscles to be exercised.

So far I have only been using the ISO-7X for a few days but it appears to work pretty well at providing resistance to work out your muscle groups to help strengthen and increase muscle mass and at less than $30 this is one of the least expensive systems that provides this high of a bang for the buck.

-Justin Germino

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