Should I Continue to Shop at Fry’s?

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I have grown weary of shopping at Fry’s Marketplace lately after I bought some Oscar Meyer Deli Creations just last week on January 4th and opened it up to a foul stench. The expiration date for the product was December 5th 2010 and they still had it on the shelf in January… YUCK!

In the past 3 months there were 4 such problems with purchased products, granted I buy about 300 products per month and 4 expired or foul products out of 600 is a very low percentage but it shouldn’t happen at all. Some Kroger frozen apple crisp desserts were covered in green mold while still in the freezer at purchase time, some frozen shrink cocktail pre-cooked was bad and I can’t even remember the other bad product at this time.

Makes me wonder if I should start doing all my shopping at Walmart again, yet Fry’s Marketplace does have better testing and higher quality meat from the meat counter. I should probably complain to corporate and they should have someone doing better inspection and removing products when they hit the expiration date so they don’t make it into customers hands.

-Justin Germino

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