David Lyons Stars in The Cape

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Since NBC discontinued Heroes I was looking forward to the next TV Show that would involve people with abilities or heroes against villains.  It turns out that NBC is the same show that is airing "The Cape" which stars David Lyons from E.R. (and had a cameo in Eat, Pray, Love) as Vince Faraday who is a cop whose family is abducted by a gang.

imageFrom what I have read and the previews Vince Faraday turns to a carnival crew to learn tricks and illusions to become a Batman like vigilante to help rescue his family and bring justice to the thugs infecting the city.

The show has potential, and David Keith is always fun to watch with his strong personality and almost sinister voice and laughter.  I am wondering just how much of the show will be like batman, or will it be similar to "The Crow" or Daredevil (minus the blind guy) in execution.  Let’s face it, the whole plot is right out of Marvel or DC comics, but execution is everything and I am curious to see if it will be done right.

So I will be watching The Cape on NBC tonight to determine if the premiere is worth following a new series this Season on Television.

What do you think, will the show be a hit or miss this year?

-Justin Germino

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