Tried Taco Bell Cantina Tacos

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Decided to change up my Taco Bell order recently and try the new Cantina Taco’s that they were advertising.  This was the first time Taco Bell actually offered a Carnitas taco that I was aware of, and the double corn tortilla with marinated meats, onion, cilantro and a lime wedge seemed to be a nice throwback to a simpler yet tasty meal.

I ordered the combo meal which comes with three street tacos and you can mix and match the flavors, plus a drink.  I decided to try one of each flavor (steak, chicken and pork (carnitas).

I did find them to be quite tasty and enjoyed all 3, particularly the carnitas which was saucier and juicier than the chicken and steak.  I would rank the steak ones second and chicken third.  The chicken had a decent marinated flavor, but was a little dry.

Overall, I found the cantina tacos from Taco bell to be on par and very similar in quality to Rubio’s Baja Fresh and other street tacos.  The flavor and style of the tacos was above what you would expect from typical fast food and I really enjoyed them.  They are pretty small though, and 3 street tacos is barely enough to fill a guy with a big appetite like me.

-Justin Germino

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