Working at a Band Rehearsal

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I was assisting my wife with her work last weekend, she runs a music production company and recently signed on to become a band manager to local Arizona rock band Tridon and I took my laptop and attended one of their band rehearsals working on various work related activities with rifle plugs in my ear while the band rehearsed their set with a new prospective bass player.

My wife has always been very artistic and her love of art in all its forms really broadens my horizons as a person.  I realize that between my day job, my blogging hobby, my gaming and my love of watching movies that 99% of my activities would involve staying at home being in front of one type of screen or another.

By contrast my wife does lots of blogging, social media and other work from home during the day but on several nights and weekends she either puts on music productions, assists with Tridon’s shows, rehearsals or attends other local music venues and concerts in order to network and keep up with the business.

So really I owe getting out of the house at all to my wife who keeps me busy running around to one venue or another on Friday nights or Saturday nights and without her I would probably be a class 5 hermit.  Meanwhile, being at a band rehearsal is something the average person does not see unless they are in the music business.  It is something very different watching bands rehearse parts of the same song over and over again, jam and sort of mesh their musical styles and artistic abilities to form something cohesive and borderline magical.

So I get to work within 3 foot proximity to a full rock band rehearsing and I must say that the 100 pack of rifle plugs that my wife bought were among the best investments as I would have blown out my ear drums for sure had I not had something to dampen the sound.  But it was kind of soothing listening to the background music while I was working, I didn’t find it a distraction at all actually, more like listen to an audio cd except it being live.

I would never have thought five years ago that I would be somehow involved in the local Arizona music scene and be involved with concerts, bands and it has definitely added to my life experience and is something very different from my regular day.  Sometimes it is good to have activities that are completely abstract or way outside your comfort zone, these things can help round you out as a person and keep you from becoming too isolated in only a handful of activities.

-Justin Germino

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