First Day of Second Grade

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Today my son started his first day of second grade at Legacy Traditional Charter School and the school spent all summer building up a new campus that is very close the the house and quite amazing.  The school expanded to include now K-8 and has three separate buildings and the elementary kids are in their own building.

My son has done very well at this new Charter school and the curriculum is much more demanding than the public school he was in for the first two weeks of first grade.  My wife and I are very pleased with the quality of education he is getting from Legacy Traditional Charter Schools here in Casa Grande and it really is like getting a private school education without any cost except having to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per school year.

My son faces new challenges and actually was put in the class with the teacher he was hoping for when 1st grade ended.  So I am hoping he is off to a good start this year and continues meeting is straight A’s in all subjects which he was able to finish off first grade with.

The school uses the following teaching principles / programs:

  • Saxon Math
  • Spalding Reading/Writing
  • Harcourt Social Studies program
  • McGraw-Hill Science Series for grades K-5

I for one think it is an excellent system and in this society a child needs to be challenged and kept thinking to keep up.  Too many schools have gone lax and Arizona in particular is known for some of the worst public schools in the nation so it is good to find a Charter school that meets the high standards that my wife and I both have.

-Justin Germino

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